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Now or never really says it all. We were both working stiffs who had saved up a few dollars. Life was excellent, good jobs, great friends, the DC urban life. But something was missing. After a long walk in the park, we realized we craved the last great adventure. We yearned to see the world, Asia in particular, before globalization enveloped our ever-shrinking planet.

After two trips to Shanghai we realized we didn't have much time. Shanghai looks like New York; Taipei looks like New York; Hong Kong looks like New York; Singapore looks like a cleaned up New York. We hope to seek out the culture, food, sights, history and people of Asia before MTV, McDonalds and Coca Cola arrives, or completely overruns it. This Web site documents our adventure. Hopefully we are not too late.

Mary Shaffner

Mary in Hong Kong
Mary Shaffner is a marketing professional in the renewable energy field. Before renewable energy, she was a project manager and marketing professional in the software industry. 1994-5 she lived in Taiwan and traveled China. This honed her interest in Asian culture, history and landscape. She is writing the adventurelogues that appear on the site. Contact Mary at

Will Weems

Will in Hong Kong
Will Weems is a multimedia designer who designs and creates web pages, CD-ROMs and other multimedia applications. For the past two years he has been the Creative Director for a DC New Media communications firm. Will is this site's designer and builder. Contact Will at

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